New Year at Knitwise

Here we are at the beginning of a New Year and a time to reflect and look forward, so I thought I would share some of my reflections with you.

Running a wool shop was my ambition for a long time. I have always enjoyed being around yarns, and particularly enjoy the wool that is available now. Nothing like the scratchy stuff that I remember from my youth!

When the opportunity arose I took it with both hands and here I am some 12 years later, still engaged in a job that I am fortunate enough to love (most of the time!)

Over the many years that I have been here, I have met some really lovely, caring people, many of whom I now class as good friends. I am so grateful that most people who craft, be it knitting, crocheting, sewing, card making, embroidering, spinning and so many others are genuinely lovely, caring people.

Now to look forward.

What do I hope to achieve in the coming year? What a daunting question. It seem such as easy question, but in some ways it is huge.

My first big decision is that this is the year I am going to grasp the nettle and tackle technology., people tell me things have moved on!

For me it has been the elephant in the room for long enough. I have pussy footed round it, ignored it and hoped it would go away, rebelled against it, but now the decision has been made. I am going to sort it once and for all. Those of you who have any knowledge of the subject! You have been warned. I will be pestering you in my quest to conquer this monster!
This is my first attempt to beat the monster. Up until now I have relied on others to write the blogs. I have said what I want, but have passed the buck on to others to actually do it and write the blog, although I do read them before they are published. If I keep to the plan, you will slowly start to see me(well the business)on facebook and instagram to begin with, then who knows where?

My second big decision is to sell off some of the lovely yarns that I have to make way for…… you guessed it, more, but different new yarns.
At the moment I have Peter Pan Baby yarn in DK and 4 ply at £1 for 50g. Beat that if you can! I also have a limited amount of Bergere de France for £1 a ball. You will have to come to see what there is as there is a limited amount of several different yarns. Plenty to make your gloves, hats and scarves! Over the coming weeks I may well end up adding more to the SALE, but as it is only in the shop, you will need to come in and see for yourselves. Obviously this does not apply to the housebound, as I am happy to pop round to yours if you live within a reasonable distance.

We’ll be posting every day on facebook so pop over there to see the latest

or, if you prefer your photos, we’re on Instagram too

My third big decision well, that is one for a future blog!

Until next time, keep crafting and I’ll see you soon.


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