What made me think I could do it?

Well there was I trying to be clever and send my first email that would be totally GDPR compliant.

I should have known better! Computers and I have never been a good combination, so with grit and determination, I decided that this time I would beat it! Why is it the computer always has the last laugh?

I blithely thought that creating a new data base and sending emails would be easy. Ha! Ha! I think I have even had my wonderful web designer and guru on all things computer based pulling her hair out! Sorry Robyn.

All I can say is if it can go wrong, it has gone wrong. From  people with certain email addresses not being able to add their details, to me not being able to send emails, seemingly because the system doesn’t like my email address. Tried to get round that to find I have the  wrong type of phone to host a different email address, I then tried to create(yet another) a completely new, paid for email, which you’ve guessed…. still doesn’t work! I give up!

The end result is emails from Knitwise are no more! I will blog instead. So check here for what you want to know or send me an email if you can’t pop into the shop.

Onto something I do know something about!

In January and February I had to cancel some knit and natters. Shock horror, I can’t think the last time I decided to do that. The weather was so cold, I think most of us enjoyed staying in the warm, although we missed the camaraderie of the group. I have also decided not to plan any lessons for the summer months as it gets to warm upstairs as most of you know.

If you are struggling with anything though, please get in touch. We have an all day Knitting and Crochet Day coming up in July, where I am happy to teach anything you want to learn. Just let me know in advance.

In case you don’t know, anyone participating in knit and natter or a class receives 10% off any yarn, excluding the hand dyed yarns. That makes them a real bargain when you compare my prices to those you find on line.

Talking of hand dyed yarns, I currently carry ranges from three very different independent dyers.

Cathy at Lazykate, uses a subtle blend of colours with deeper hues, sometimes adding a silver or gold thread for those of us who enjoy a bit of sparkle.

Becky under the name Ovis yarns, goes for a bolder pallette. These are inspired by what she refers to as geeky films, as well as local areas. Much of Becky’s yarn is locally sourced.

Pook yarns produced by Rachel, was one of the first to experiment with true ombre yarns. This is where the yarn is dyed so subtly that the colours blend into one another and no clear colour change can be found. This works well for shawls where the gradient of colour is shown at its best.

If you haven’t already seen these yarns why not pop in and have a look? They are available from me if you wish to phone to place an order or direct from the dyers themselves. Contact me if you have difficulty finding them and I will put you in touch.

On a slightly different note, Knitwise, well I, am going on tour with my courses

I have long fancied extending the area that I cover in my teaching, so I have found a few new venues. My first foray into the unknown will be a sock workshop in Liverpool  which will be in July.  If any of you are interested in joining me, please get in touch and I will let you have details. Further courses are in the pipeline and I will let you know in due course what I am doing.

Well those are the plans for the future and there will be more to come. To keep up to date look on here and I will try to post at the beginning of the month to let you know what is happening.

Hope to see you soon,

Bye for now





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